I am interested in the domestic arts, home economics — food, shelter, and clothing. So it may not be surprising that these are the areas in which I was active yesterday. I baked whole grain sandwich bread, a pineapple upside down cake, brownies, and some cupcakes to freeze and enjoy later in the week.

I tidied my plastic drawer, too. This may not look tidy, but this cupboard was a black hole. Now it is reasonable civilized, though I confess that I didn’t bother with the mesh drawers. It was a big undertaking even to get this far.

And I finished up the first sleeve of Newport and started the second.

I got up this morning and talked with my family on Wire and Facebook and via text on my computer, attended Sunday School via Zoom, and went to livestream church.

In honor of Zoom I dressed respectably. This is Ravinia, which I made at just about this time last year. Yes, it has creases from being folded away in a drawer, but it is really a comfy choice for spring. With a lightweight cardigan, it is just right for temperatures in the 50s. I’ll make more, I’m sure.

So I’ve done church and a blog post for a client who needed a last minute change, and I will now return to my knitting.