Last night I was awakened by the horrible sensation of something trying to get out of my right foot. That’s #1 daughter’s description of what I might otherwise call foot cramps. I had been asleep for half an hour, and it took about half an hour for the episode to subside. It was hard to go to sleep after that.

Stress? I did learn yesterday that I need a partial plate. I am horrified by the idea. Of course, I was also horrified by the idea of cataract surgery, but that turned out to be a good thing for me. Maybe I just have to accept some horrible things as I get older. Even so, it was stressful news.

Also, the new baby is not stressful to me on her own, but her arrival and my efforts to help have upended my eat-move-sleep and left me seriously behind on work. That is probably stressful.

I’ve been enjoying extra time with the Baby. The New Baby is still getting used to the world, but I’m looking forward to including her in playtimes. In the meantime, I had better hurry up with the new outfit I’m knitting for her.

I wrote about the foot issue so that if I ever go to a doctor, I’ll be able to check back and see how often it happens.

Then I tried Alexa’s Tomato Helper, a Pomodoro app. I got 7 blog posts written and took 5,687 steps. I’ll try it again tomorrow and see if I can repeat that level of productivity. I might be a convert.