I’ve cast on for the Forestfox Cardigan. It requires 10 colors of Lettlopi. It’s a challenge, for sure.

The design is by Anna Sofia Vintersol, from a book called Adventure Knitting in some non-English language.

I had qualms about the colors, but I lad them out on a fabric using the same colors and that restored my confidence.

The little girls came over today. The littlest had called me last night to crow triumphantly, “I teetee in the potty!” She’s two, so this is developmentally appropriate.

She and her big sister and I played Candy Land and Barbies, colored, and read a story. #1 daughter and I had a conversation, with interruptiions.

She is on vacation for a week. I have a bunch of meetings on Sunday, but I plan to take time off tomorrow. Maybe try to make pasta. Clean out my fridge. Something low key for sure.