I’m happy to say that President Obama won. I feel that he’s a man of integrity, a smart man who understands the 21st century and has sensible ideas for the future.

It is unfortunate that he received only 50% of the vote. Half the people in our nation are unhappy, and that surely is not good for our country.

Nonetheless, we enjoyed Election Day. It was like a party at our polling place, and then #1 daughter and I went out to War Eagle for buckwheat waffles at the Mill, which turned out also to be a polling place.

We got our business meeting done and bought a Christmas present for my sister and her family, plus a nice selection of whol grains for Thanksgiving.

Work and another business meeting followed.

#1 son, whom I’d run into at the polls, came over and we called out for pizza and watched the election results.

Really a fun day.