Freezer Goodies?


The Holiday Grand Plan involves baking treats and putting them into the freezer each week. When it’s time for holiday parties and Christmas gift boxes, you’ve got lots of different kinds of cookies ready.

This part of the plan became controversial at my house. #1 son says that cookies which have been in the freezer don’t taste as good. Others say that we have too many different kinds of cookies.


And — the clincher — I think that if I have cookies in the freezer, I will eat them. I can prevent myself from buying sweets and from baking sweets, but I can’t prevent myself from eating them if they’re handy.

I was reading Leslie Meier’s forthcoming Eggnog Murder and in it there is a nasty woman who greedily devours Christmas cookies while self-righteously denouncing drug addicts and saying that they should just say no. The similarity between her gluttony and the addicts’ inability to give up their addiction is very pointed.


So I will not be making cookies for the freezer every week this year.

I will make a list here, though, so that when I get around to baking I’ll be able to do it efficiently.