When I was in France last year I visited and fell in love with a yarn shop. I’ve ordered yarn from this shop a few times since I returned, and made some beautiful garments for my precious grandchild.

The yarn I’m working with right now splits and slips off the needle, and the charming French patterns have edgings that curl. I have been assuming that this experience is caused by the fact that I am less competent than French knitters. French people, I think, are generally more competent than Americans, including Franco-Americans like me.

But I found a yarn that seems quite similar to the one I’m currently working with at an American company — a favorite company of mine, KnitPicks.

It’s worsted weight cotton with some acrylic, Color Mist in Vermilion. I’m making a dress from la Droguerie’s Fruit Salad in Peach Milkshake (translating here), which is cotton and bamboo.

I plan to use the Color Mist to make some additional pieces for the Baby’s fall collection. I’ll report on the comparison.