I’ve exercised five days this week, eaten my no-decisions breakfast and lunch four days, and had a mindful dinner three days out of five. I’ve gone to bed at a decent hour every night and sleep 7 or more hours.

At this point, I’m very tired. However, it is Friday night. That means I can do anything I like, and don’t have to do anything I don’t care to.

I had about three hours of social interaction today. We had our team meeting, with doughnuts and the Baby. #1 son played “Crocodile Rock” for her on the guitar and she said, “Again?” repeatedly. She says it with an upward lilt. She does that for “more” and “food” and “juice” and “go” — which means, “turn it on.” These are her requests.

I got outside into the lovely summer day. I went to the bookstore for lunch and bought a couple of magazines. I picked up groceries and some snaps for the Baby’s dress, too. This way I’m prepared for a sewing weekend.

A very nice day.