Silkenshine flashed her stash. Mine is not near as flashy, but I am still going to join in, to the best of my ability. There are plenty of flashy stashes out there, and Silkenshine’s xanga links you to a bunch of them. So here is my stash: second shelf from the top, right hand side. It contains 16 skeins of Peruvian wool (for Erin, and you can see them in greater detail at left. When I say “greater detail” it means “not in a plastic box where you can’t see them at all”),

5 balls of Wool-ease (finishing Hopkins and making socks), 1 skein of Morocco (completing the bath ensemble), partial balls of Sugar’n’Cream, some white cotton thread (for a bedspread), and one skein of Jewel Box. I’ve also just ordered 17 skeins of Plymouth Stone Cotton, which which to make a couple of T-shirts in the T-shirt Knitalong. Do I get to count that as part of my stash? Incipient stash? Never mind. I will never be a contender in a stash race. The Jewel Box is the only thing that I have bought just for stash enhancement, rather than for a specific project.

I have ordered yarn for the T-shirt knitalong which begins today. I may go to my LYS anyway and see if I can find something suitable there, so that I can begin today — but I may not. When I was in the DNA scarf-along last fall, I had time to make three DNA scarves and matching hats, so I think we can order yarn and still get to participate in the knitalong. Nona is the hostess, and here is the pattern. This will be fun!

I was intending to finish Hopkins before starting anything else. However, I continue to have sleeve troubles. Having frogged, I re-knitted the sleeve to make it steeper, while measuring it against the body of Hopkins, and then sewed it carefully in, as you can see to the right.You can probably also see that I made it about 8″ tall, rather than 7″, and ended up with that same little puff at the top that I disliked in Siv. Actually, this is 8″ rather than 9, so it is not quite as bad. It was good enough that I did not discover the problem until I tried it on. I think it comes down to the fact that Siv is actually more of a modified drop sleeve than a set-in sleeve. You can see how wide the shoulder seam is — it doesn’t fall at the natural shoulder, so it can’t take a cap sleeve without ending up looking like epaulettes. That look is doubtless what the designer wanted, but it is not what I want. So I will have to take the thing apart, frog the sleeve back a few inches and redo it. Again. And when I finally get it right, I will still have the second sleeve to make. You can see why I am tempted to start something else.

The T-shirt! I like the version with the word “joy” on it, but I had a lot of fun with KnitPro and charted some exceedingly cool images from Dover’s electronic image library. I am thinking that I may do one of those as a texture, rather than a color pattern — that is, purl the black stitches on the chart and knit the white ones. You still get the pattern, but it is more subtle. I will swatch it and see.