Last night I was in the choir loft for the Maundy Thursday service when it started storming. There was hail drowning out the singing and the sermon, and then the rain began coming through the roof and falling onto our heads. The bass directly behind me got up and came to sit with us altos, since he was in an absolute torrent, but the rest of us just kept singing. I took off my glasses, since they were getting too rain-spattered to do me any good.

The Chemist mentioned that she was having trouble with her instrument. I thought maybe it was allergies, but she wasn’t speaking of her voice. In fact, it was her HPLC instrument that was giving her trouble. Probably the leaky roof made her think of it. One mechanical failure is very like another.

Otherwise, it was a good solid workday. I didn’t get to the gym. I did get a website draft written and sent to the client and the designer.The client has sent me 20 pages of stuff, and intended to send me her business plan as well, and has also spent four hours of meeting time talking about herself and her business. I distilled this into a 1200 word website for her, and she told me it was too wordy. I’ve also had people who have hired me to write 280 words for me say that my 280 word article was too wordy. I wonder whether this word “wordy” — which I understand to mean that there are too many words — has some other meaning to other people. Hmm.

I got estimates gathered and sent off to the client from the various designers. The estimates ranged from $300 to $900 for one coded page. The $900 person offers cheap hosting, and she’s a Facebook friend, but she’s also going to charge $70 just to migrate the page. In fact, her estimate came to more than $1200 with all the little extra bits and pieces. I hope that her estimate will at least make the $300 seem more palatable to the client. However, I also broke down and bought myself a Dreamweaver manual, because I have a feeling that I may be doing this one myself.

And I did linkbuilding and grading of papers, blogging and graphic fix-ups of blogs, and some correspondence with a person contemplating freelance life. I can recommend it.

#1 son’s birthday present arrived — a set of a dozen harmonicas in different keys. With it came the trial box of champagne truffles. #2 daughter and I were thinking that we needed some way to celebrate when people’s new websites launched. Launching made us think of boats, and champagne bottles broken over the prow of the boat, and then she thought of champagne truffles. I found a supplier of champagne truffles which makes them with my initial (and thus the initial of my company) on them. How perfect is that? So I ordered a box, tried one to make sure they were good, and then packaged them up in pairs in little organza bags. I’m delivering the first today. I don’t know about mailing them. But for local people, it should be a nice festive touch.

Today I have more linkbuilding to do, and more blogging, and a couple of services to sing at, and a class to teach. I got a new assignment from an ongoing customer this morning, but I put it out on Monday for him, because I think I’ll also be spending more time struggling with the design issue.

This will be good for me, actually, I can’t always rely on The Computer Guy. I need to be able to do some of these things myself.

And then I’ll shift over to Easter. The house needs cleaning, the garden needs fixing up, and things need to be cooked and baked.