This is a progress picture only if we allow the idea of negative progress.

Unblocked lace is so notoriously bad-looking that I went almost to completion of the back of the sweater before I looked closely enough at the lace to realize that I had lost a couple of yarnovers early on. The pretty pattern of openwork down the left was thus not matched by the right, which had a pretty pattern of yarnovers broken by a sort of archipelago of stockinette.

So here we see the sweater pulled back to the armscye. The moral of the story is, do not be led into a sense of false security by the simplicity of a lace pattern. It is still lace, and therefore treacherous.

I used to have an aerobics teacher who said she liked having me in her class because she could always look up and see a smile. I began yesterday’s cardiopump class with a smile, but that was before we got into planks and push-ups and T-things. From that point on, I think my expression wavered between “I beg your pardon?!” and “Surely you jest.” She did say, many times, “Feel free to put down the weights,” so I cannot say that she was being like a drill sergeant or anything.

Then I got up at 12:30 am to pick #2 daughter up at the bus station. I am very proud of her for being brave enough to take the bus home. I took the bus all over the place when I was young, and have very positive feelings about the old Greyhound, but all my kids have been very negative about buses. I don’t know why. It is true that there are crazy scary people at bus stations and even on the buses, but you can’t let that stop you in this world, is what I say. I got back to bed around 2:30.

The result of these two factors is that I am heading in to work with sore shoulders and a bleary gaze. The rest of the family is staying home, where I rather hope that they will feel inspired to clean, bake, and/or garden. At the moment, #1 son is playing Madden06 and the guitar simultaneously, #2 son is off at a sleepover, and #2 daughter is playing with the animals.

I have been waiting for inspiration to strike, on the subject of breakfast. It has become time to go make breakfast, with or without inspiration.