Triangles Cushion

Among the many cool things I saw up in the Big City were these triangular cushions.

I can add them to my list of things I think about making, since I don’t actually have time to make anything.

#1 daughter says that I’m wrong about this. I choose to work a ridiculous amount, she says, but I have a choice.

She may be right. If so, then I ought to make these cushions. They are composed of long, triangular tubes stuffed firmly with something like horsehair. The tubes are then stacked up and sewn together. The result is a very firm, very comfortable backrest of a cushion.

You probably can’t see that there are elephants walking along the fabric. A soft mushroom brown and pink stripe enlivened with elephants.

I feel as though this sort of cushion is so clever that I ought to make one for no other reason than that.

Actually, I still have quite a bit of work to do for this week, and I have to clean the carpet because one of the hideous dogs wee’d on it, but I also plan to go to the farmers market and plant some stuff.

Big plans, in other words.

This evening, #1 son and I had pizza, he told me the three characteristics he has chosen as the main things he wants to achieve with his writing, and then I watched Dirty Sexy Money and worked on my gray sweater.

I don’t know whether I’ll actually get around to the cushions, but the sweater should be finished in time for the cool weather in the fall.