I didn’t take a hike yesterday. Maybe today. Any time available yesterday for hiking went toward getting my taxes and FAFSAs finished up. However, I finished up all the current projects for The Computer Guy, and all my oDesk jobs (except the Australians — I only do one hour a week for them, so they always get put off till the weekend because it’s just one hour), got my invoices out, closed a deal with a new client #2 daughter brought in, paid the designer’s deposit, and accepted a couple of new jobs, so it was a productive day.

I also joined in discussions with #1 son about his philosophy paper. He was writing about the notion of the tabula rasa — that is, that we are a blank slate when we are born, and all our knowledge comes from experience. We discussed instincts and language learning, and at one point #1 son assured me that a baby who grew up in a mechanic’s shop could, by the age of 3, learn to fix cars.

“The reason you’re having trouble defending your position,” I explained, “is that you’re wrong. Also, you’re arguing against the thesis of your paper.”

It was Amazon Vine day. There were no books that I wanted on the list, so I chose a measuring tape with a calculator and some design and print software, reminiscent of the old Print Shop. I remember that Print Shop was a lot of fun. True, I never print anything out these days, but still, it could be fun.

#1 daughter sent me a a profit/loss report for the first quarter. She sent me one before, but it was claiming that I had lost $3,000, and I felt sure that I would have noticed. Apparently, it was a simple mis-categorization. I may still not understand these statements, but at least the numbers at the bottom look better — like, more as though I can afford to pay my taxes, at least.