Have you seen the YouTube of Susan Boyle singing “I Dreamed a Dream”? I have, because it was emailed to me and tweeted in Twitters I follow and generally spread out all over the place. It was widely hailed as a wonderfully heartwarming thing.

I had a different response to it.

If you haven’t seen it, let me encapsulate it for you. A rather dumpy and unattractive 47 year old woman appears on a TV show which is I guess the British equivalent of American Idol. She sings well. People are amazed.

Is this heartwarming? No. The implication is that we should be amazed that an unattractive woman can sing. How could we be amazed by this? How stupid are we?

I’m outraged that people assumed she couldn’t sing, just because she’s a bit frumpy. I’m also guessing that she will now be cleaned up a bit so she’ll look better. Then people will no longer be amazed that she can sing, I suppose.

Our baritone soloist last night looked rather like Jackie Chan, and the soprano looked like the popular stereotype of a librarian. None of us were amazed that they could sing. I was interested to hear what you could get in the way of a voice for $3500 apiece. They were very good.

The college symphony sounded a bit fuzzy. I’m sure the chorale did, too. The conductor was shushing them and exhorting us to look up and sing out, and generally being a lot more like one of those decorative traffic policemen than anything else. I was surprised that we were having trouble being heard. There are 170 singers. A lot of us are generally held to have big voices. On the forte passages, I was singing loud enough to feel my voice leaving my mouth, which usually means a very loud sound. I’m sure everyone else was, too. And yet the conductor was having to stop the rehearsal and say, “Strings! Read the forte as double piano!” It was somewhat embarrassing.
I think it’ll be an excellent performance, though.

One week ago I had a tidy workspace.

Oh, well. Yesterday I worked on various people’s blogs and brochures for ten hours. Gotta expect some evidence of it, eh?

It was Amazon Vine day, so I took a break at 2:00 and snagged Corel Painter and gourmet beef jerky for the boys. Last time I requested Corel software, they canceled it, so I am not entirely sanguine about receiving it. I had reviewed the first thing they sent me — Graphics Suite — by saying that it was wonderful, but not Adobe, so you could expect compatibility problems. I stand by that, but I use Graphics Suite all the time, and I’d love to have more of their products. The beef jerky was a request from #1 son, who was here at the time.

Today I have further blogging, a site update, a class to teach, an another rehearsal. Also, my daughters are coming in.

I’m looking forward to that.