Before I tell you any stories, I have some unseemly gloating to do.

If you should happen to type my zip code in at Google, an admittedly unlikely eventuality, you would find my MyZip site at #3, right after the Google map and citydata.

This gloating is not only unseemly, but completely pointless. Ranking doesn’t affect my MyZip income,  and as far as I know it doesn’t affect MyZip — I mean, obviously they want to be able to sell advertising, but I can’t see them in those meetings saying “You know, one of our more obscure bloggers in the south ranks for her zip code. This proves that your ads will be seen by millions!”

The thing is, I have spent a year now anxiously watching numbers like these and gloating over them, and now I have nothing to gloat about. Gloating over the store’s numbers is just sad. We’ve had record sales online this month and traffic is higher than ever before, and I am just waiting around for the website to be closed down, at which point I will I suppose delete all the blogs. No gloating there.

I do however have a couple of clients. Pretty soon I will be able to gloat over them. Until then, I will have to do my unseemly gloating here. 4

You see the worst of me, you know. If I am going to whine or gloat or be fractious, this is where I do it.

Yesterday did not include any whining.

I applied for four jobs, got my resume from The Resume Wizard (not in that order, but still…), did my various blog postings, met with the computer guy and did his news releases, snagged a couple of Vine items and reviewed the remainder of the previous set, finished Client #1’s keyword analysis, did some tutoring, made a proper meal for my family, folded laundry, and made the ribbon sticks for the Pentecost liturgical dance, which you see here.

For an unemployed person, I am pretty busy.

Today I intend to do the computer guy’s blog post and some necessary work for my cooking show business, and then go check out the basement of City Hall, armed with my resume. I hear that said basement is papered with job postings. I may finish buying vegetable garden plants, what with The Wall Street Journal saying that stockpiling food is now the best investment around. I will also get to the gym and to the grocery store since tomorrow I will be at a handbell clinic all day.

That is another story.

Returning to add that the basement of City Hall was a great place for people with a very different skill set from mine. I would like to be an Urban Forester, more even than a Manifester 4, but I just don’t have the background for it.