My T-shirt front is back up to 105 rows, a bit past where I had to frog before. I have completed the leaves (That’s the part that looks like a zebra face) and begun the blossoms (which may end up looking like the zebra’s hat).

April has been an irritating month in a lot of ways. In addition to assorted health problems we have also had assorted electronic quandaries. The CD burner is now working — but apparently at the cost of being able to hear DVDs played on the computer. We have yet to find a perfect legal music service. At work, we have new hardware which won’t work properly, in much the same ways that the new CD burner wouldn’t. These are all small things.

The bigger thing is that someone has been hijacking my screen name and using it to send spam and IMs linking to pornographic sites. This keeps happening in spite of frequent changes of  password and various kinds of vigilance. This morning I had a message telling me that my internet account had been suspended for violation of terms, and I had to answer security questions and change my password yet again.

I particularly dislike this because my screen name is our family name, not something anonymous.

This has been my screen name since 1997 or so, and I have used it on genealogical message boards. This is a thing where you can post questions about family history mysteries, and eventually someone who knows the answer may see it — I actually got a response to a question just this morning. So I don’t want to give up and change servers. And I suppose I could change servers and have the problem begin all over again.

We have firewalls and virus protection and all that stuff. I’ve reported the problem to the fraud squad at my server and spoken with them on the phone.

So I guess the point of this post is to say — if you get a nasty message purporting to come from me, don’t think that it does. And if you have any suggestions for what to do, I’d love to hear them.