This is the pie I made for rehearsal yesterday. Fortunately, I remembered about an hour beforehand that I was supposed to bring the treats, and fortunately I had the ingredients on hand, so I was able to rustle it up in time.

I did take a couple of hours off yesterday — first to talk with The Empress when she came over and then to fold laundry and watch Fortysomething. The result was that this morning I had a message asking where that text was and when would it be ready.

I had said Thursday afternoon, so it was my fault. It’ll have to wait for after class today, and he’s in England, so it’ll seem later to him.

This is also the guy who gave me an imperfect feedback at oDesk, thus spoiling my perfect 5s. He may give me 3s this time, in which case I might have to stop working for him. Actually I guess the moral of the story is that I shouldn’t take time off.

I wouldn’t really stop working for someone who gave me imperfect feedback, BTW. That was a joke.

Here’s another joke.

I thought that was really funny.

So after class today I’ll be writing up copy for the Englishman, and I’ve got a site launching today. I think I did all the last-minute revisions for that last night (see “Things I did instead of writing that guy’s copy”). Tomorrow I’m at a vendor table for a local client,  and also will get my taxes finished up and sent in.

Tonight I really do plan to take time off.