3 Cooking took place last night chez fibermom.

I made a nice little curry with cous cous, pleased that I would actually be home at dinner time. In fact, I had checked to make sure and it seemed that everyone in the family had the evening off, so I figured we could actually have dinner together.

The boys called me around 7:00 to say that they were climbing and would I save them some dinner.

So I just grabbed a bowlful for myself.


3 Knitting also took place. This is Erin, from Starmore’s Celtic Collection. It has a long and complex history.

Right now, I am working on the sleeves. For reasons that seemed compelling at the time, I am working the sleeves backwards. Or rather, I am working them from the top down, as Erin’s sleeves are supposed to be worked, but I switched to a set-in sleeve, and the pattern from which I filched the shaping is written from the wrist up.

I am therefore following the shaping directions backwards. I am doing both sleeves at once, so that they will match, and I have finished the sleeve cap and started on the colorwork.

I did this while watching Scotland, PA, with the boys. I thought it was very well done. I don’t know what it would be like to watch this movie if you were not familiar with Macbeth, but fortunately we all are. We were therefore watching the movie with the play going on in our heads, adding to the sense of the movie.

The other thing I did yesterday (well, I went to the gym and I worked, but I mean the different thing) was to apply for some jobs. I’ll let you know if anything exciting happens there, but I just wanted to say that when a person spends a lot of time going through a lengthy online application, answering questions which are only barely relevant to the position in question, she should not then get an email saying that her application will be complete as soon as she submits her resume, transcripts, license, and three letters of reference. If you have to do that, then that ought to be the first step.