We were told we would have snow last night, so I took some pictures of the baby flowers.snow april 005

And we did indeed have snow. There some is on the grill, and here is some on the grass.

This is my kind of snow. If it would confine itself to this sort of thing, I wouldn’t object to snow at all.


snow april 006





Yes, it is still dark out. I think I would have better photographs if I could remember to wait till dawn for them.

My throat still hurts, and I still sound like a frog, but I don’t feel feverish any more, and am hoping to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed for Easter.

I am going to go to work at the new store today. Blessing emailed me a welcoming message, which was above snow april 002and beyond the call of duty, but very nice of her. She lives in the town where the new store is, so she is simply working there instead. However, she does seem to be cleaning rather than accounting, so I am debating whether perhaps I should wear jeans and a sweatshirt rather than meeting and greeting clothes. I do have my usual beginning-of-the-month customer service things to do, though, and those are mainly clerical. I guess my standard zookeeper outfit would be the correct choice.

Yesterday was a beautiful spring day and I enjoyed my school visits. They involved some drives in the country, and the country is disappearing rapidly around here, so we have to enjoy those while we can. In fact, I drove through some nice wooded lanes yesterday and crossed the road that we used to go on often on our way to the campgrounds, and suddenly found myself in the midst of a whole bunch of buildings that hadn’t been there last time I looked. My mouth dropped open and I stared around in wild surmise, and it is snow april 004 just as well that I was alone in my car.

I guess they thought, if they were going to build a new school, they might as well go ahead and do a housing development, gas station, video store, and boys’ and girls’ club while they were at it.

When I finished my school visits, I came home and made further helpless attempts to get my work computer online.

I called up my ISP and, with my squeaky laryngitis voice, read the nice tech guy the directions I was trying to follow. He couldn’t help. Neither could Pokey.

However, I think the summer will be easier if I can do this. Then I can go to the back bedroom and shut the door and get online, rather than trying to work on my link campaign with a bunch of kids in the room and the TV goinglamastria.

One thing I did discover, working at home.

You will have noticed that the baby flowers are sitting in a bunch of old leaves that we haven’t gotten around to clearing out yet. I have been sick, but you know, if I had been well I would probably have sewn my Easter outift and cleaned my house, so it would probably still be this untidy in my front garden.

Sometimes I feel bad about the relative untidiness of our yard. The neighbors seem to keep up much better than we do. #2 son, when he was smaller, used to say that we would be the black sheep of the block if we didn’t get to work, a pronouncement that usually inspired us to get to work.

The discovery? Our neighbors have gardeners! A whole fleet of them arrive on this block, right after I normally go to work.

It is Good Friday, and all my menfolks have the day off, so it is good that I am working away from home today. Having one person in the house trying to work would be dispiriting for me and spoil their fun. I did not make hot cross buns and do not intend to, I am sorry to say, but I think that they will all be asleep when I leave, anyway.

Enough idle persiflage. I will leave them a note suggesting that they had better rake that flower bed so we won’t be the black sheep of the neighborhood.