The gym I go to is not very chatty, and also there are very few women. These two facts are not unconnected. Since I am mostly over in the weights area with the 20-something male bodybuilders, I do not expect conversation. [As I proofread this, it struck me that someone might think I am suggesting that these men are not capable of conversation. I am not. I am just saying that, since I am so far from their demographic group, I do not expect them to chat with me. We just grunt — them — and breath stertorously — me — next to one another while we lift weights.] However, I had predicted that the recent remodel might increase the female population.

I was right about that — but they haven’t come into the weights area. They have stayed in the girlie area, even though the demarcation no longer seems so obvious to me. But there are more women on the snazzy new treadmills, and more in the classes.

So yesterday, I was running a bit late (can I still claim that it is the time change?) and was heading back to to the locker room just as the girls started into the CardioPump class.

“Ya wanna come to class with us?” one asked me.

I tried to get out of it. I didn’t say that I was too old (that was obvious to her, I am sure) but that I was going to be late to work if I stayed. She would have none of it. She said I could just go to the first half. She got out all the gear for me. The instructor said, “Are you coming to our class?” in a sweet and delighted voice. My captor told her I was, but that I would have to leave early. Other girls said they would put my stuff away for me.

They were so nice that I could not refuse. I followed along helplessly.

Actually, it was fun. I kept up just fine. I will go back. I go to the gym directly after dropping #2 son off at school, and normally leave before this class begins. How I intend to justify spending another half hour at the gym instead of doing housework I have not yet determined.

Another mad thing that I am doing is joining Knit the Classics. Kali Mama told me about this group. They read books and knit. Obvious choice for me, eh? However, as Kali Mama pointed out, there is a time commitment there. These knitters read a new book each month, which means a new project each month. I had already calculated that, in order to finish the Regal Orchid Jasmine sweater in April, I needed to finish up a ball of yarn every two days, and I haven’t managed that speed. You can see at the right both the lovely purple color and the ball of yarn which I should have finished yesterday if I were keeping on schedule. How could I expect to complete a new project every month?

I am cheating. Now, I am not a book club cheater. My real-world book club was started by women who were sick of their book clubs, in which nobody ever actually read the books. Tea, cookies, conversation — all very well, but not if you were counting on discussing Lolita.

So they invited me, knowing that I could be counted upon to read the book.

I can be counted upon to read the books for KTC as well.

I can also be counted upon to knit. However, the catch in this book club is that you are supposed to knit something inspired by the book of the month.

I have cheated by ascertaining that the next several books are romantic British books, and determining that I am going to knit romantic things (two Jasmine sweaters) and British things (Erin). The cheating part is that this is what I had already planned to knit.

Don’t tell on me, okay?