LikeWowMom checked out the knitalong blogs and came back with self-deprecating comments about her own. I can’t agree. After all, those other blogs may be multilingual and otherwise flashy, but have they ever shown us pictures of insects? I do not think so.

Here is a discussion about what makes a good knitting blog, from last fall. I was surprised to see that I had participated in it. After all, last year at this time I did not even know that knitting blogs existed. But then we do not, we bloggers, require much in the way of expertise. As to knitting blogs, I want them to be witty and amusing, with pictures of their knitting. This is an either/or thing. The Yarn Harlot has both, but I’ll read the Knitting Curmudgeon for her snide humor even though she doesn’t post much in the way of knitting pictures. And I’ll read Wendy Knits for her knitting pictures even though she is not amusing. I don’t insist that they be amusing about knitting, either. Creating Text(iles) is clever about all kinds of things, with just enough knitting content to prove that she really is a knitter. And I like to read the blogs of people I know, whether or not they are amusing, and whether or not they post pictures. I am not hard to please.

It is #1 son’s birthday today, and I will be at the curriculum fair until 9:00 pm, with a long drive home following that. I also need to be at the store in the morning for a large order we’re expecting. So we will just have a luxurious breakfast with Humorous Pirate Partyware before work and school. He is having some friends in this evening to comfort him for the fact that I will not be here ;-). We will be celebrating properly on Sunday.

So the serious question is this: what knitting shall I take the the fair? I will be there today and tomorrow, for a total of 20 hours, so I should be able to get a lot done. On the other hand, I am working, so I can’t very well do anything with complicated shaping or colorwork — such as the next section of the T-shirt.  I may need to begin the back of the second T-shirt.

However, here is something that is not a serious question: will I be able to drive to an unfamiliar location in the next county? and will I be able to drive back in the dark? Because I think I will. I am not even suffering from anticipatory anxiety.