Yesterday we went and took a couple hundred dollars out of the bank, had doughnuts (plus ham and cheese croissants, fresh orange juice, handmade hot chocolate with real whipped cream.. pretty lush) for breakfast, and hit Target for our back to school supplies.

Notebooks and things were going for a song. There were composition books for fifty cents and spiral notebooks for fifteen. Perhaps people are moving away from paper and these were all the leftovers. We bought a lot of those, and replacements for such of #2 son’s dorm gear as got destroyed last year, and then spent a small fortune on toiletries.

#1 son had hurt his eye, so he couldn’t wear his contacts. He was therefore leaning in and peering at the labels while deciding between facewash with extracts of lemon grass or one with energizing bubbles. The rest of us jeered at him. We must have looked like a particularly horrible family to observers, making fun of our son’s infirmity. But, really, he was making it funny.

He’s a funny guy. His pizza rap is a gem.

We zoomed home to put the stuff away. I finished up my faculty website (for the moment) and we headed back out to spend the rest of our cash on the movies. Dinner for Shmucks with popcorn, Coke, and Raisinets. Then home, where I attempted to do some billable work without success, and we ordered in pizza.

If you’re keeping close track, you’ll have noticed that apart from mushrooms on the pizza we had no vegetables and chocolate covered raisins were the only fruit. No lean meat, whole grains, or nonfat dairy products, either.

It was fun, anyway, and we had some good talks.

#1 daughter then went out to see a meteor shower.