I have a bunch of meetings today: visiting one of The Computer Guy’s and my shared clients in the Next County to the North, then going to train a client to use the blog in her website, then a phone interview with a Canadian company, and then another phone meeting — a brainstorming session with the chocolatier.

So the question becomes: what can I do before I leave? I have this long long list, after all, and I can’t do everything. I will be working this weekend as well, of course, so it may not matter. It’ll all get done eventually.

Last night I was supposed to go to a bunco party. #1 son needed the car for work, so I emailed a friend to see if I could catch a ride with her, and got back to work. Fifteen minutes before the party, #2 daughter IMed me to say I should go to the party — but my husband had gone out and there were no cars available.

I was talking with my New Yorker at the time. He invited me to join the fantasy football game (game? sounds wrong) all the far-flung workers at his company are playing. I declined, and we got into a brainstorming session. Mostly about his business and marketing, but we did look at my business as an example at one point.

He develops custom software to do with accounting. When I said something along those lines, though, he corrected me sternly. He builds systems to run businesses, he said.

He recommended an assortment of cheap or free online programs I could use for my business. I had to wonder: does productivity software really help? I mean, when he builds it for someone, he integrates everything. But if I’m taking the time to use Toggl, Nozbe, Basecamp, Google Docs, Gmail, Microsoft Workspace Live, and Freshbooks, am I going to increase my productivity?

In a way, this seems like a silly question. If someone said, “Don’t you lessen your productivity by using Word, Dreamweaver, Blogger, WordPress, and Corel Photo?” I’d think they were being crazy. That’s like saying your lessen your productivity as a knitter by using needles and yarn. Those things are tools. I suppose I could work entirely in Notepad, but it would be ridiculous.

There’s just time involved in figuring out which one works best and getting used to using them.