A while back, Lostarts asked me whether I would have thought, four years ago, that I would be doing what I’m doing now. Today it is four months since I lost my job, so actually I wouldn’t even have predicted it four months ago.

I’ve been indulging in some relatively deep thoughts. At least deep enough to think about how I want to structure my days this fall.

Client #6 emailed me yesterday and said that he thinks he will have another contract for me. In case you’re keeping score, this means that I am securely self-employed for the fall. I figure by the spring I’ll have sufficient momentum to continue whether the contract goes on from there or not. Client #2 sent me his next blog post topic, and it’s a good one. I think I can get a post for my other xanga (which is dextr, for those who asked) from it, which will allow me to spend a bit more time on it without charging Client #2 more. The bulletin cover turned out well, and I learned a bit more about CorelDraw in the course of it.

And if there is anything — anything at all — that you want to know about hookworm eradication, you just ask me, you hear?

I’m coughing and not sleeping well and generally suffering a bit. I went to see Partygirl, who has been sick for a month and also is a teacher and is therefore going through August Horror. We commiserated with one another. I also saw Luna and had a nice talk with one of the pastors, so I actually had more human contact than I normally would, on a day when I ought to have been holing up feeling sorry for myself.

Tomorrow is new faculty orientation, so I have to make that drive and fill out forms and stuff, and also to meet my new colleagues. I am therefore planning to take it easy today — three or four blog posts (not counting this one) and otherwise I’ll just read the books I have for review and get the hookworm, entry shaped up.

Actually, that is a full day’s work, isn’t it?

I’m seriously considering NyQuil.