Lucy Cores writes convincingly about ballet — not everyone does. But Corpse de Ballet, in addition to being a witty detective novel with a complex set of relationships which must have been pretty racy when it was first published in the forties, is also worth a read for balletophiles. It was a good choice for yesterday’s resting-up.

Although my Great Felting Adventure resulted in two mismatched clogs, it also gave me a collection of nice wool felt squares for a throw. It was sad, of course, to see all the lovely cables disappear into boiled wool, but I now have the makings for a handsome pink and blue throw. I cut all the squares. Now I must decide exactly how to construct it.

I ended up with 27 squares. The more mathematically astute among my readers will notice that this is not an easy number to arrange into a rectangle. (Three by nine would make something more like a scarf than a throw for the sofa.) I have several options there. I can try to scrounge another sweater or knit up a piece to felt for a few more squares, ending up with 30, for a five by six square. Or I could toss a few out and do a 5×5 or a 4×6. I’m going to lay them all out on the floor to see what looks best.

Then I must decide how to put them together. The example in Natural Home was just sewn together by machine, but they had more to work with, and didn’t show the back of the throw. I think it would end up being rather ugly, and perhaps requiring a lining. So I’m thinking that I may join them with crochet. The LYS is going to be bringing in some lightweight wool, so I may get a good color or two of that and do something special in the way of an afghan/throw.

I have joined the DNA scarf knitalong, which will run from September 5th to December 25th. Chanthaboune, I challenge you to do it, too! Here’s the pattern: Here’s the knitalong:

I also have a good selection of Italian madrigals to work on, from the sweet to the downright indecent. We are even singing the famous one about the cricket — I immediately thought about persuading some quartet of us to perform that at the Insect workshop this fall. And there is talk of doing hats and part books for our Madrigal Dinner costumes.

So what with one thing and another, I have plenty of  things to think about while cleaning up after BTS.