How beautiful are these pages from the new project at FreshPlans?

In case I haven’t told you (because I recognize that I’ve been a terrible blogger lately and might not have mentioned any of this), I won a credit at oDesk and spent it on the design services of Jay Jaro, one of my favorite designers. He and I did a very snazzy lesson plan for a client last year, and ever since then I’ve wanted to do more of them with him.

Well, oDesk did a contest asking what Big Idea people would like to have supported, and I said we needed a website for math that would be as exciting as a video game and appealing to both boys and girls (math websites, as you may or may not know, tend to be horrible).

My idea won, and I received a credit sufficient to hire Jay to collaborate on a math project. We did a data analysis unit focusing on the arctic ocean habitat, and here are a couple of pages from it. It’s 8 pages long, with folktale reading sheets and stuff, and there are classroom activities for it over at FreshPlans.

If you know any teachers, please share with them that we’re giving this reproducible unit away to subscribers for back to school. We’ll sell it in the future, and I hope to make lots more. Jay sent us the Photoshop templates so we can do quite a bit of the work on future ones by ourselves, though I’ll always want to have him involved.

We were fortunate, too, that The Computer Guy was moved to optimize the files for us so they download briskly.

We also have another guy working on a math concept video for us. We don’t know quite what he’s doing, actually. We gave him a very open-ended assignment about a month ago and haven’t heard from him. He may be deep in the toils of creative work, or he may have forgotten all about the job.

We’ll see. Anyway, things are getting very snazzy over at FreshPlans.

Here at my desk, there is a complete lack of snazz. I’m wearing baggy jeans and a stained T shirt, both of which spent the night getting wrinkled on my bathroom counter, because I also wore them yesterday. I need a haircut in the worst way, and I haven’t even considered make up. I guess it’s okay for me to look awful today, but I start teaching on Monday.

I’ve been to two meetings up at the college this week, actually, and made a sincere effort to be friendly with my colleagues, whom I won’t see again till next year, but I didn’t feel that any of them were soulmates. We did norming for grading papers, which is a very important thing to do, I believe. However, a lot of the people in the meeting were cruel and snarky about the papers. They thought they were being witty, but I wonder whether you can really help people if that’s the mental approach you take.

So in amongst my work today, I hope to make a hair appointment, and possibly to sort out my wardrobe a bit. I didn’t do any shopping for BTS this year, but I think I own enough clothes. I just have to wash them, mend them, toss the ones that can’t be tossed or mended into respectability. Stuff like that. Might be a weekend job.