8 There has been some knitting taking place chez fibermom; the gray rectangle is becoming a larger gray rectangle, growing by a couple of rows a day.

This, for the random knitter who might happen by, though any such person would probably have given up coming here by now, considering how little knitting content there has been recently, Ivy by Elsebeth Lavold, in Knitpicks Essentials.

I thought last night that I might want to put a little dart into it, like the ones in Cherry Bomb. I am almost to the point of doing that if I am going to.

8 My husband has been doing a little bit of domestic stuff, too. Here are his peppers, drying.

We grow a lot of peppers,and use them fresh all summer.

I pick some while they’re young, to can in various ways. He leaves some on the bushes, where they dry into the kind which he roasts and pulverizes to make our basic hot pepper powder. And he dries some at this freshly mature stage for throwing whole into stir fries or soups.

I like to cut them up if I cook with them, so that they make the whole dish a little spicy, but my husband enjoys eating them whole.

We’ve gotten a few more cukes lately, but mostly the garden is over. I will be harvesting the herbs for drying pretty soon here.

My husband is also still fiddling around with my car. He made me listen for a long time last night while he told me about thermostats and coolant level sensors. I try to keep my end of the conversation up, but I wouldn’t know a coolant level sensor if it bit me.

I haven’t been able to go to the gym or do my second-job hunting. It is a great savings compared with taking it to a mechanic, but perhaps not so great a savings that it 8 makes up for not having found more work this week. On the other hand, that does mean that I have Saturday off, and could clean my house or work on my SWAP.

Or I could go with my friend Janalisa to the seasonal kickoff of Pampered Chef. This is some stuff that people sell at parties, like Tupperware. If indeed, there still is such a thing as Tupperware. Janalisa has been telling me that I can easily make the amount of extra that I need by joining her in this endeavor, rather than going to work for someone else on the weekends.

Partygirl assures me that she did so. Ten to twenty hours a week, she says, and she made about a thousand a month until her husband objected to her being out so much. I can’t really feature myself doing it, though. I’m not a salesperson. The showing people stuff and cooking part would be little different from any other workshop, I expect, and Janalisa claims that I could do the rest on the computer, which is comfortable enough, but Partygirl says you have to plan to spend Sunday evening calling people and asking them to have shows.

Versus spending Sunday afternoon helping kids withe their homework or cutting fabric for people, the two other things I’ve thought of for weekend work.

#1 daughter is going to drive me up to the store today, so that I can sell things to people there. She has also been helping out with the cooking — that is one of her meals in the picture. It’s nice to have her home.