Whenever I give in to the temptation to whine at my xanga, I fully understand why people whine so much in their blogs, because you guys are so kind and supportive.

#2 daughter is coming home for the weekend today. She will get to revel in home-cooked food and sit on furniture and we can plot out a strategy for her, and she will regain perspective. We will all soon have new glasses and/or contacts, and this will probably help with the ol’ perspective as well. Cake is planned. In other good news, I am at least half expecting a book shipment today at work. Receiving books meshes better with Back to School than precise clerical work. And I can force people to read books if they become too maddening. “Here,” I can say, handing them a picture book, “Read this wonderful new book on the Arctic while I check to see whether the other store has that particular package of counting bears.”

There are new knitting books coming out this fall. I haven’t seen the actual books — they haven’t been published yet, and I am not in the circles that get to see the gathered-and-foldeds of knitting books, just kids’ books.But the advance notices are still interesting. Here are a few:

In the “Only a Matter of Time” category, Knitting With Balls, a men’s knitting book. I feel fairly certain that the title of this book — and the cover, featuring a headless man with enormous needles and yarn — will be the main draw.

In the “You Read My Website Why Not My Book” category, The DomiKNITrix. The site was not very fascinating, but she might have taken down all the good stuff and put it in the book.

In the “Lord, How Many More Rectangles?” category, Home Knits. I saw a sample pattern from this book. It was for garter stitch napkin rings. I have no more to say. Honorable mention in this category goes to Crochet Squared, which tells you right on the cover that all the projects are made of squares. Unless this book turns out to be filled with clever origami-like projects, instead of things like the scarf on the cover, I have no more to say about it either.

Not Tonight, Darling, I’m Knitting is described as a book of anecdotes about knitting, including celebrity knitters telling what knitting means to them. This one is, I hope, in the “Unfortunate Description” category.

Twist and Loop is about knitting and crocheting with wire, which I have never tried. I have a few patterns for this sort of work, and find it intriguing to look at. I think this book gets to be all alone in the “Books I Might Actually Look At” category.

My knitting is progressing rather slowly, but it is progressing. Here is Jasmine, with the second sleeve being compared to the first.

Yes, really, that’s what it is. See, across the top, that is the body of the sweater, and on the right is the first sleeve, in the place where you would expect a sleeve to be, and then right next to it, appearing in fact to be part of it, is the second sleeve. I am not sure why I took a picture of this process, except that this is what I did this morning with my knitting. I have determined that I can fit the last increase in and then begin the raglan shaping. I should have a completed sweater within a week.

Depending on what else happens in my life.

A little followup from yesterday…

Over at SewRetro, a woman went into a fabric store and they were out of one of the patterns she wanted. Click the link to see how she — and the commenters — interpreted the absence of the pattern as evidence of rudeness and unhelpfulness in the staff. Unless I am reading this wrong, this woman actually believes that the store staff really had the pattern and were refusing to sell it to her. She does not have any explanation for why this business — willing to sell her several other patterns — would cruelly withhold this last one from her, but that does seem to be the implication of her rant.