The ribbing for Brooklyn’s left front was completed, but had to go to the frogpond. Are you amazed that I could make a serious error in a little striped ribbing? It was the nature of the day.

First off, I had a dentist appointment. Some of you may recall that I have a little aversion to making appointments. So you may not be surprised when I tell you that I broke a tooth last fall and still had not gone to the dentist about it. Even though I have Overcome Agoraphobia and was able to call and make an appointment, the morning spent waiting for it was fairly anxious. I had ice-cold hands and a collection of hastily slapped-down irrational fears, in addition to the toothache.

Even with the appointment over (and they were very nice. A little surprised that I had been walking around with a broken tooth for all this time, but polite about it to my face), the day was not completely improved. For one thing, I have a four-appointment course of treatment coming up, about $1500 worth. Then my husband called to tell me that his car had broken down in traffic. All this while we did five times our normal amount of business, with the same number of workers as usual, and the ongoing global shortage of Mavalus tape. And I still have a toothache.

So I have a good excuse for switching back to the natural color from the blue two rows too early. I’ve undone it, I’m redoing it, and all will be well.

On the other hand, my husband will be driving my car, so I cannot get my prescription filled this morning before work, and will be going through another mad rush day with a toothache. And walking to work in the heat. And trying to refigure my budget to accomodate car repairs and dental work as well as back-to-school expenses and tuition.

If only life’s difficulties were as easy to fix as knitting errors.


I came back later to say…
When I redid the two rows of natural color, I had about 8″ of leftover yarn — that is, I used that much less yarn knitting the same two rows the second time. Do you think I might be feeling a wee bit of stress?