Extreme Heat and Depraved TV

The weather man here keeps talking about “Extreme Heat,” as if it were a sport or something. I’m still completely swamped, and the heat doesn’t help.

The picture here shows where #2 daughter works. She says it’s very cold there. I’m envious.

On the other hand, I have a window, and no nearby cubicles.

On the third hand, I am surrounded by video game playing boys who simultaneously watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, not to mention the dogs.

I have so much work that it hardly matters, though,and #2 daughter is not only working 10 hours shifts but also working for me.

#1 daughter is helping me with the mountains of unbillable work. If she does that, then I can do more billable work and pay her.

This is the plan.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is a TV show about a group of completely depraved people.

My boys claim that it’s the modern equivalent of Seinfeld, just as Burn Notice is the modern equivalent of MacGyvor. Or however that’s spelled. I’m not sure than Seinfeld ever seemed completely depraved. Granted, the characters aren’t admirable, you wouldn’t want to know them in real life, but there’s no cannibalism, Kramer never decides to become a terrorist, the gang doesn’t get together and throw a Molotov cocktail into Newman’s window.

Are we actually more tolerant of depravity and violence so that we need to kick it up a notch in order to remain entertained? My kids think so.