The kids are heading off today, so the boys moved furniture around and we started making one of the bedrooms into an office.

Today’s pictures show the first steps in that process.

We put the day bed into the West room. This way #2 son can sleep there when he’s home, and the girls can, too, when they visit, and I suppose I can loll around there and read my CSS manuals.

I need to make some snazzy cushions for the back of it, and a dust ruffle or something, and it might also be good for me to finish the quilt.

We pulled the tall bookcase from the hall and put it into the West bedroom for my work-related books.

#1 son’s method for this was to remove all the paperback novels which were on this bookcase and pile them all over the floor in my bedroom.

This meant that I had to stop working and find some place for all of them.

  But it’ll be nice to have all the design books and software manuals and stuff together and accessible.

My husband was troubled by the fact that the cord of the CD player crosses the front of the bookcase.

I may put up a little shelf or sconce or something for it, if he can’t adjust his thinking on the matter.

All this stuff is a bit humorous when you consider that the desk area of the bedroom is just as #1 son left it.

He doesn’t like this room. He considers the wall treatment girly.

So he’s going into his younger bro’s room since he’s off to college, and leaving his erstwhile room for me.

The desk has a TV, and athletic shoes, and a volleyball, and ossified chocolate bars, and is also the dog’s favorite place to hang out.

This is going to have to change. All of it.

The desk is also quite shabby. I asked what had happened to it, and the boys shrugged and said, “We got pocket knives.”

So there’s plenty still to do.

We’re planning to move the computers today, though, while there are still lots of people in the house to participate in the ritualistic carryings on if it doesn’t work right when we get everything plugged in in the new spots.

The delayed website is all set and should go live as soon as The Computer Guy checks his email. The new client is making the deposit this afternoon. Onward and upward.