What a charming movie! It has a whole series of happy endings. I kept feeling that it was making fun of Americans, in a British way that I didn’t quite get. Even so, I enjoyed the movie. And got a bit of the Paris-Match beret done. Here it is, nearly ready for decreases:

Both the Yarn Harlot (http://www.yarnharlot.ca/blog/) and LikeWowMom (http://www.xanga.com/item.aspx?user=LikeWowMom&tab=weblogs&uid=168600314&nextdate=last ) made lists of 100 things about themselves this week. I know that people have been doing this all over the knitting blogs for ages, but the difference for me is that I read these two lists instead of skipping them as I have all the others I’ve seen.

As I understand the rules of this game, you are to think up 100 things which meet the following criteria: 1) your readers do not already know them, 2) you are willing for readers to know them, and 3) they might be interesting to said readers. I know for a fact that I do not have 100 pieces of data that will fit these criteria.

However, I did challenge myself to come up with ten. Here they are.

1. I have an MA in Linguistics. Most people do not know what linguistics is. No one has ever studied what effect this has on the psyches of linguists.

2. I used to be an academic, before I gave it up to be a mom. I have never regretted doing so.

3. Another thing I gave up as I added to my collection of kids was ballet. I regret doing that. I thought it would be easy to go back, but it never happened. I do the NYC ballet workout video at home sometimes, and maybe someday I will join an old ladies’ ballet class.

4. I secretly enjoy statistical analysis.

5. I am so easily bored, and hate repetition so much, that doing repetitive things causes me actual physical pain as the tension and misery settle into my back and shoulders. Knitting does not count as repetitive. I do some repetitive things at work, but very few, because the Empress knows I cannot tolerate it, and does not want my death on her hands.

6. When I must do repetitive things, I will do almost anything to introduce some variety into it. In this I am like laboratory animals.

7. I like to spend time with my family more than any other people. After my family, I like time alone. After that come actual friends. The fact that I almost never have time alone doubtless skews this.

8. Although I was a somewhat wild girl in my salad days, when I look back on that time of my life, I can see that the intellectual challenges I encountered were more exciting than the things I recognized as adventures at the time. I wish I had realized this then.

9. Although I am interested in a whole lot of things, there are also plenty of subjects in which I have absolutely no interest. The entire continent of South America, for example, and cars. Team sports. Mental illness. Accounting. I used to feel bad about this.

10.Many years ago, Olga Mirasov said to me, “You look tired. Go put on some lipstick.” Ever since, I have considered lipstick a sort of medicine. I may not brush my hair or pay any attention to my clothes, but I remember to put on lipstick.Especially when I am tired.

Today, enjoy the light-hearted Christmas carol, “Ding, Dong, Merrily on High.” Here is a link to words and midi:


I must admit that this another Renaissance-era French tune, but I feel sure that you will like it. The tune was for a secular dance (that’s what the word “carol” originally meant), popular with the lower classes and with the upper classes when they were dressed up and pretending to be peasants (a habit which led to bloodshed. Be warned). The Penguin Book of Carols says that the words were written in Olde English style by George Ratcliffe Woodward in the 20th century. They also suggest that the words are unimportant, but that the tenors and basses singing this have to watch their entrances and keep them swinging.

It is a good one to sing with children, especially if your tenors and basses cannot be relied upon to keep ’em swinging. Cyndi Lauper and Charlotte Church have both recorded it, giving you a nice contrast in choices if you want to listen to it. But it is huge fun to sing, and rather silly, with the “I-O-I-O-I-O” section and the glorias which seem likely to go on and on until people fall down. It is therefore good for parties, cookie-baking, and suchlike amusements. Or singing in the car during traffic jams to keep your spirits up.