Today’s song is “The Christmas Waltz.” The link will take you to a Youtube version with the words so you can sing along. This is the song for today because I’m getting very excited about Christmas, and this is that kind of song.

It has been an exciting week at work, and today promises to be equally great, but the big thing is that #2 Son has arrived home. I was supposed to go caroling, and I was sorry to miss that, but it was great to see him and we had good talks.

Today we’re going to a competitor’s barbecue. We like to keep things friendly. We’re also meeting with our new worker, a student of mine this past term. He seems to be smart, computer savvy, and articulate, based on his performance in class, and we’re hoping he turns out to be a good worker.

Then I think we might go to the movies. I have some knitting to finish up, and also some errands to do, and I plan to make these undertakings as festive as possible. I will certainly be singing “The Christmas Waltz.”