12 My elephant looks nothing like the picture in the instructions. Sigh.

Yesterday was all work and almost no play, but it was good anyway.

I got my grades turned in, had an email from a student registered in one of my classes for next term, and had a look at the WebCT page. Scarcely more than a look, but I have to get on that. I hear that it’s 30 hours to set up a course.

The book proposal that Chanthaboune and I turned in a million years ago last summer got a response — a request for “another pass.” I was astonished, but we’re up for it. We just have to figure out how to get back into the file, since our free trial of the software expired.

I had what certainly appears to be an offer of a steady contract. Steady enough, in fact, that between it and my classes and my other ongoing contracts, I would be feeling very relaxed. No signatures yet, so I’m not counting my chickens, but it’s good to think about.

I got to the Amazon Vine page fast enough to request a very cool electronic gadget. At the forun, someone else was exulting about the same thing, saying, “Please, Amazon, don’t cancel it!” That’s what happened to me last time, so I’m once again not my counting my chickens, but it would make a nice Christmas present for me.

By noon today the rest of my household will all be through with school and work. We have a group optometrist’s appointment this morning. I’ve done most of the work I can do until people get back to me, and maybe they won’t. I am, in short, moving into holiday mode.

The song for the day is “A Virgin Unspotted,” which you probably haven’t been hearing on the radio a whole lot. Click on the title to hear the tune and see the sheet music. Here are the words. When you sing this, you need to sing the verse in a slower, softer way, and then when it gets to “Then let us be merry, put sorrow away!” you speed up a bit and get loud. The contrast as you got back and forth through all the verses is fun. It’s a nice, lilting tune, and would be pretty on your violin or harp.