Merry Christmas!

We have a white Christmas for the first time since 1975, so we’re not going anywhere today. I am therefore reporting on Christmas Eve festivities for the the relatives we won’t be seeing today.

We were hearing a lot about the terrible blizzard yesterday, so I was in church worrying about #2 daughter driving down from the Midwest and #1 daughter driving from Colorado to the state where she lives, but everyone arrived safely.

#2 daughter arrived just in time for the second church service. We sat together in the congregation — rare for us. I went up to do my music, and she sang descants from the middle of the church so that people had to turn around to see who it was back there. It was a nice service with lots of music. We had “Ave Maria” on the sax and one of the teenagers sang “In the Bleak Midwinter.” The Baritone sang “O Holy Night” and he and I and a couple of other folks did a quartet (the only piece that didn’t get applause. Our church not only claps during services, which is weird, but they also withhold applause when they’re not impressed) and then I sang “Born on a New Day” a cappella because the piano player had left early in fear of the weather.

#2 daughter collected her hugs and greetings, and  then she and I got home just as the snow began falling in earnest.

We had a feast prepared by the boys. They felt that lettuce, tomato, and onion for the sandwiches — oh, and pickles — were sufficient vegetable, but we did have some fruit. We probably won’t get beriberi.

We also had a lot of sweets, as you can see.

We ate and opened presents. While there were a number of popular gifts, the main thrill of the evening was Beatles Rock Band for the Wii. #2 son had brought everyone T shirts from the intermural Ultimate Frisbee team he’s on, the Ultimate Flying Squirrels, which featured an illustration of a Ninja Squirrel. Four different colors — we’re saving #1 daughter’s for her.

The kids therefore put on their  Ts and made themselves into the  Ultimate Flying Squirrels, a Beatles Cover Band, and played Rock Band.

I joined in on the vocals. I have the advantage of knowing the songs, but still got a 91% — #2 son got 100% on one of the songs.

There’s a drum set and a guitar as well as the vocal microphone, and there are also screaming fans. This is a fun game.

My husband gave up and went to bed after a while, but the kids and I stayed up to watch one of the DVDs — I think everyone got a DVD from someone.

This morning, they checked out their stockings. I made sausage biscuits for them, but they plunged immediately into the further adventures of the Ultimate Flying Squirrels.

We are snowed in, because our state shuts down entirely if we get three inches of snow, but as you can see we are well provisioned. We have enough games, movies, books, and snacks to last till the spring thaw.

Merry Christmas!