christmas 038 Lest you think there has been no creativity chez fibermom lately, I have some pictures for you.

First, the highly decorated Possum Pie that we took to my parents’ place on Christmas Day.

You make a crust of 1 cup flour, 1/2 c ground or finely chopped pecans, and 1 stick of butter. Bake it for about 15 minutes.

The filling has two parts. First, mix equal parts cream cheese and powdered sugar and spread that over the cooled crust. Then combine a package of chocolate instant pudding with Cool Whip and spread that on top. Finally, top the whole thing with Cool Whip. Real whipped cream is better, of course, but #2 son doesn’t think so. Since this is his favorite, we use his preferred stuff. christmas 040

Notice that it contains no possums. I don’t know why it is called “Possum Pie.”

Next, the T-shirts the boys made for us for Christmas gifts.

These are #1 son’s drawings. I love his drawings. I’m always trying to get him to illustrate stuff for me.

He usually refuses. So I was especially glad to have his artwork on a gym shirt.

#2 son was the one who brought the designs to the big (shirt) screen, making it a gift from the two of them. They used June Tailor Light T-Shirt Transfer Sheets, and they worked just the way they are supposed to.

christmas 041 I am adding the requisite inches to #2 son’s sweater.

I am also writing, and working on my goals for 2008, so I guess I’ve been feeling reasonably creative.

#1 son has been playing guitar quite a lot, having gotten a new instrument for Christmas.

However, we cannot deny that the main occupation around the old homestead of late is the playing of video games. I do not know whether this is creative or not. I can’t tell.

Most of us are back to work by now. And yet it is still Christmastime. Some people are at home, the house is still filled with goodies and decorations, we’re all still fairly festive.

At this time of year, I like the Provencal carols about the procession of the Three Kings. We had one here yesterday, and here is another: “The March of the Three Kings.” Just as English carols had the baby Jesus lying in the snow, Provencal carols have the kings travelling through France with a flashy retinue, and all the villagers joining in the procession as they travel, so that the arrival of the Three Kings in Bethlehem was a major crowd scene.

I tried to get Mapquest to help me determine how practical it would have been for three kings on camels, with a retinue and rapidly growing crowd of peasants on foot, to get from Provence to Bethlehem, but Mapquest was not up to the question. I think we have to assume that this is strictly folklore. However, I consider it a very good piece of folklore, much jollier than a baby in snow.