Check out Lori Seaborg’s “Disappearing Nine Patch Quilt.” Last night one of the ladies of the choirlet, a skilled quilter and knitter, gave me a ride to rehearsal and told me along the way about the class she’s giving in how to make a bag or briefcase from a quilt block. I carry a briefcase myself, since I cart student papers to and fro, and printouts to show clients who are more at ease with paper. My kids carry laptops. So I was imagining what a nice, quick Christmas present such a bag would make if you machine quilted it. Fusible web, the quilter said, and crosshatching — pick an elegant suiting fabric or even an upholstery fabric with a subtle pattern, and there you’d be.

Then the quilter started describing the ones she was using as examples: a pink and green print of candy with a bright yellow geometric having lots of different sizes of circles, and a stripe.

Whip that out at a meeting and see what happens.

With that fresh in my mind, though, I ran into Lori’s tutorial, and thought that it would make a very snazzy non-briefcase. The briecase that I carry is pictured here, and I love it. It’s as relaxed as I could comfortably carry to meetings.

Honestly, I’m tempted sometimes to carry my Google bag, just because it’s so cool that I have one. I am saved from this show off temptation by the fact that none of my clients or students will have any idea how cool it is to have a Google bag. They would probably think I had bought it.

I have a meeting today with a prospective client. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with the amount of work I have for current clients, so I’m having to work hard to have a good attitude about this meeting. “OMG! I can’t believe these people are calling and interrupting me!” is not the right attitude with which to approach meetings with prospective clients.

I’m having fun with the work I’m doing, though, even if I am worrying that I’ll never get it finished. And, while I have given up sleep for the nonce, I haven’t given up rehearsals. Accordingly, I tried last night to persuade the choirlet to sing today’s song of the day: “Born on a New Day.” I love this song. They liked it, too, but felt that it was too hard. I won’t suggest that you sing it, then, especially since it’s kind of hard to sing all the parts yourself and your friends, too, might balk at having to learn it real quick. Just listen to it.

If you’re having sort of a mad day, as I expect to be, you’ll feel better. It was written by John David, arranged by Peter Knight, and recorded by both the King’s Singers and the Cambridge Singers. It’s one of the most lovely of new Christmas carols. If you honestly prefer Lady Gaga’s “Christmas Tree,” that’s okay,but you should at least listen to it all the way through before you decide.