1 It snowed yesterday. This is enough snow to close schools around here. There is more snow than this out there today, but it is too dark for me to take its picture for you. Still, I am guessing that this will be another snow day.

So I had a work day surrounded by boys and dogs. I love them all, but sometimes I wish they would all go away and let me work in peace. It would be one thing if I felt able to stop and enjoy them. But I feel as though I must work unceasingly during working hours.

This may be irrational. At the store, after all, we stop and chat a lot. Sometimes with one another, but always with the customers. Of course, that is also part of our work. If they didn’t want to chat, they could just stay home and shop online.

Still, since I work at home, I feel 1 honor-bound to work all the time during work hours.

I get a lot done that way, of course. Yesterday I completed the first subunit for the third grade state history unit.

I had given in to the temptation to leave the most boring part for last — always a mistake — so I had quite a lot of time typing things like “Students will use creative problem solving, critical thinking skills, and various resources to select subject matter, symbols, and ideas to communicate meaning. A.2.1.”

Not my own, that sentence. I was copying down the state standards that each activity covered.

I believe in state standards. I actually support national standards. Not idiotic standards like “all students will do 1 10% better on standardized tests than the kids the year before,” which is what NCLB has given us, but the National Academy of Sciences National Science Education Standards, the Core Knowledge proposals for a shared 50% of the national curriculum, and so on. Still, a lot of the state standards are questionable at best.

I well remember when I got a copy of the then-new state history standards for review. One of the things kids were supposed to master was our state’s “place in the global economy during the Civil War.” Mind you, we still had places where mail delivery was a matter of handing a letter to someone passing through and hoping he’d somehow get it to a town that had a post office. We had no place in the global economy.

And, however good the standards might be, they are still going to be dull to type out repeatedly. Anyway, I did that, and then 1surfaced to make Chicken Saltimbocca from the 29 Minutes or Less Cookbook for dinner.

It was pretty convincing, too.

It was then time to watch the debate between the two remaining Democratic candidates. I was proud of them for refusing to bicker, even though the moderator did his best to goad them into it. I am tired of watching politicians bicker.

I’m tired of watching reporters bicker, too. I understand that they consider it more exciting, but I just don’t agree with them. A sprightly argument on important issues with well-reasoned points on both sides is always refreshing, but a bunch of people shouting over one another is not.

1 While that was going on, I completed another band on Erin’s fronts. I need about three more inches here to the shoulder.

In theory, I am supposed to go to the store today, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. My husband took the only reliable vehicle (which was the right thing to do, considering that he has to drive in the dark and the snow, while I might not have to drive at all), so I am only going to be up there if I catch a ride with The Empress. Since I am usually the only one there on Friday mornings, this is not good. When we had the store near my home, I solved this problem by walking there on snow days, but the current store is twelve miles away, and there is a limit to my dedication.

So I don’t quite know what I’m doing today. I’ll go ahead and get started on The Dark Art and press releases and the store blogs and the next subunit, and see what happens.