Tonight’s the night!

There is a message on the Team Wales shoutout board from Team Wisconsin offering to shred us, but the writer identifies him/herself as a “cheesehead” so I suppose allowances must be made. Team Pittsburgh is gathering to watch the opening ceremonies together, but Team Wales will be joining together only in spirit, which is appropriate in its own way.

I am questioning my choice of pattern. It calls for 100 yards of yarn, which seemed like an amount that could reasonably take a forthnight to knit up. But I read through it last night, and there isn’t much of it. I may finish it tonight in spite of myself. However, it is confusing and filled with unfamiliar abbreviations, so it may work. Are there any Olympic events which are just one brief thing and then the participant is finished and hangs around the Olympic Village knitting something else?

That might be me.

We don’t cast on until tonight, so I may have a bit of time to look at patterns and consider a set of some kind. Headband and matching… I can’t imagine. What on earth would you make to match a headband? The artyarn series does have a modular vest, but I must confess that I find it desperately ugly. There it is on the left. Doesn’t it look like the sort of thing that a rogue economist might wear?

(Sorry, any rogue economists who happen by. I just love that phrase. It could just as well have been “superstart linguist” or “famous knitting blogger.” And apologies too to any knitters who happen by and see this vest, which they made and love, being described as ugly. Maybe I had better stop now, before I have to apologize to any other imaginary readers.)