I am finding Tattoo Blues a slow read. There are plenty of environmental and economics lessons in this book, though so far no mystery. My attention was caught this morning by a discussion of globalization, because yesterday as part of the Lenten study I am doing,  I took this Globalization Quiz:  http://unpac.ca/economy/globalization/1.html I did very badly on it. How much do you know about globalization? I thought I was reasonably well up on it, but I only got about half the questions right. I was talking with #1 son about it as I drove him to school, and had used the phrase “economic colonization,” so when the same phrase popped up in Tattoo Blues, I noticed it. It was right after the main character vomits up a sea slug margarita.

The Chamber Singers met last night, after our winter hiatus, to look over the music for the spring concert. We are doing Bach’s very beautiful “Christ Lag in Todesbanden,” and Dudley Buck’s early-Hollywood sounding “Christ the Victor.” I had never heard either before, but both will be fun to sing. My solo is “The Ascension,” from the Buck piece, and the concert is on the Feast of the Ascension. It’s only one page and never goes higher than a C, so I do not expect to suffer over it. I have never paid much attention to the Feast of the Ascension, but a concert seems as good a way as any to commemorate it. One of the basses, a math prof, pointed out that this year it will be on 05/05/05.

Here is a link to the Bach, as I know you have been wishing for a music link. http://www.bach-cantatas.com/Mus/BWV4-Mus.htm A little cantata now and then is good for your spirit.

So, having had rehearsals the last two evenings, and gotten up before 4:30 a.m. for the past five days, I am reaching utter exhastion. This is just what Fridays are going to be like for a while. It is the reason for the rambling and disjointed nature of this post.

I have not knitted at all since Sunday. I have been too tired for Fair Isle. So, in addition to buying freezer paper and fabric glue for my quilting adventure, I believe I will buy some heavy cotton yarn to knit a bath mat. I have been wanting a new one for a while, and Simple Knits for Sophisticated Living has a handsome pattern. The picture at right, Alma-Tadema’s “Silver Favorites,” is the print I have in that bathroom. Gray fixtures, pink and gray-blue wallpaper, faux marble counters. I’m thinking cobalt blue. The pattern is simple enough for half-awake knitting.

By tomorrow, I should be rested enough to finish that second sock.