Friday February 17, 2006

Following the therapeutic day off, I got back to my modular knitting. Here it is in its less-than-glory. Obviously, I do not want to be the one out of the 230 members of Team Wales who does not complete her project, so I am completing it. I am remembering that I have been knitting other techniques for a long time, so it is natural that my modular knitting should not be up to my usual standard. I am remembering that LostArts admired its primitive appeal. I am remembering that I can felt it, thus blurring all the messy edges. I like the random coloring. However, if you were going to do this, and found as I have that tidy triangles are beyond you, I think doing it in just two colors would hide that untidiness. My quilt triangles tend toward the untidy, too, so it may be that I have a genetic ineptitude with triangles. Some sort of missing triangle enzyme, perhaps. I will say that people who promote this style of knitting as an easier alternative to traditional colorwork are … um… different from me.

Witty teammate Franklin has confessed that he is not actually watching the Olympics, so I am going to admit the same. I saw the opening ceremonies, and have watched a couple of minutes here and there since, but what can I say? I am not a sports spectator. Many of you dislike ballet and opera, after all, both of which are a great pleasure for me. I’ll watch the performances for you if you will watch the sports on my behalf.

I am also in this knitter’s sewalong. I got confused about it and thought it wasn’t beginning till the 20th (it ends on March 20th — that is my excuse). Fortunately, Khali Mama is also in it, and her post alerted me to my error. It actually began on the 15th. I have some catching up to do.

So yesterday I bought the fabric and the pattern, which I present here in a blocky photo. I have noticed on the sewalong blog that this sort of photo is de rigeur. I think it will look very good with Erin, my current (aside from Knitting Olympics) knitting project. Erin is below on the right, for color comparison.

I think it possible that I will get this cut out tonight, in alternation with the Knitting Olympics. Then I can sew it over the weekend. We are expecting snow, so a stay-at-home, needlework-filled weekend is in order.

There are actually sewalongers who have finished their skirts. This is not going to be me, even if I don’t get too caught up in handwork. My skirt involves a zipper, and I know from experience that putting in a zipper is not something I can toss off with a light laugh.

Challenges are good.

Now, I realize that my remark above on staying home this weekend rather implies that most of my weekends are filled with madcap hi-jinks or high-level meetings or something, and you know that this is not true. In fact, I have another encyclopedia entry to re-write, a workshop on Monday to prepare for, the story contest to work on, and a lot of neglected domestic work to do, in addition to the knitting and sewing. So I will be, as always, busy in my harmless and low-key way. If you are out having adventures, have an extra one for me.






2 responses to “Friday February 17, 2006”

  1. Kali_Mama Avatar

    I haven’t been actually watching much of the Olympics either. I’ve been watching LOTR yet again.

  2. chanthaboune Avatar

    You can just leave the sports watching and madcap hi-jinks to me. For instance, I’m going to the Black Watch this weekend. That’s bagpipes. With Emily, Chelsie, and Brad. I’ll tell you all about it!