201 001 Craftymommavt claims that they are having a heatwave of 20 degrees up there in The Frozen North where she lives, and she probably wouldn’t even call this snow, but this is real winter weather to us.

She actually specified “20 degrees above zero” as though 20 degrees below zero were a possibility, and some of us might be confused. I thought temperatures like that were found on other planets, mostly.

Here is my backyard. Isn’t it pretty with its blanket of snow?

But, see, here is the front. That is supposed to be a road out there, not a blanket of snow.

201 002


I did some serious bundling up. Thoroughly encased in wool and denim and #1 son’s old running shoes, I headed off to work.

I won’t say I enjoyed it, and my face still hurts (windburn, maybe?), but it wasn’t that bad.




201 007

Fiona wanted to come with me. As you see, she is dressed in fur, and therefore doesn’t mind the cold at all.








201 009 This is the cemetery, the middle part of my walk to work. As you can see, the whole blanket of snow thing was going on here, too, so the paths were gone.

Someone had been there before me, though.

The cemetery is the hub of the neighborhood, and all the kids can go there and then back out to the other streets without going on any busy roads.

But these particular footprints went down to the goosepond, so it was apparently someone out for a contemplative walk in the snow, not a person trying to get somewhere.


201 010

The main road was all brown mucky slush. This was good for the drivers, but much less picturesque.

Yes, actually, this is a main road where I live. It is a highway. See it over there to the left? The little line of brown mucky slush with a car on it?

You know it’s pretty rural here.

I spent the workday in solitude, except for Miss Thelma and her husband, who came in for a Black History Month bulletin board. If it seems odd to you that Miss Thelma has a husband, then you are not from around here.

Some older ladies get to be Miss First Name, and it doesn’t matter at all whether they have husbands. 201 005

I came home early and got back to work on Erin. This is a sweater that I put down last May in order to make some cotton sweaters, and then some kitchen gear, and some hats, and then some other wool sweaters, and what with one thing and another I never picked it up again till last night.

I think it is a mistake to do this, as so often your gauge is a bit different after the break, or you have lost some of the details of the directions, or forgotten what size needles you used for the ribbing, or what have you.

However, I got about an inch of it done, and it looks fine.