I had a good walk yesterday with Janalisa. We strolled around and about the cemetery, admiring the geese and talking. Janalisa had had a dream about me and my need to plan meals.

I don’t know how many billable hours I’ve had this week, but a lot. I have lots lined up for next week, too, and a couple of interesting new prospective clients: a color analyst (actually, that should be colour analyst) and a hairdresser who is apparently based in the Cayman Islands, or possibly in San Francisco. One communication appeared to be from Tijuana. I always use hairdressers as my example of people who have to work on site, no matter how flat the world gets, but I may have to change that. He wants to negotiate on price, which I don’t normally do — I have different categories of service at different prices, but I’m not a discount house — but I’m hoping I can work something out for him, just because of the sheer coolness of his web work.

I have a class for the summer and three for the fall, I have steady work from a variety of sources, I’ve mastered the whole billable/unbillable thing, I should at this point be able to focus a little on daily life again.

  • Getting to the gym or out for walks regularly, not once a week.
  • Planning meals and then cooking and eating them, not throwing out pounds of fresh produce after a week of carry out and cold cereal for dinner.
  • Spending time with my husband and children, not just being in the same room with them wishing they’d be quiet so I could work better.
  • Enjoying music, not racing to and from rehearsals and never looking at the music in between.
  • Keeping house and enjoying my home.
  • Knitting and sewing with the pleasure of creating (I’m not sure that hemming #1 son’s pants counted).

I really love my work, so if I can attain some semblance of normalcy in my non-work life, I would then have complete happiness and perfection.

Obviously, this is not a realistic goal.

It does seem to me, though, that I should be able to clean house and take minimal care of my health and watch my netflixes. This seems like a reasonable goal.

The arranger over at BrassMusicOnline has made for me an absolutely amazing arrangement of “Behold the Lamb.” I’ve only had time to glance at it, but it looks as though he put the melody in the alto line, in which case he’s an absolute baa-lamb for doing so, because we hardly ever get the melody. He’s made a couple of soprano harmonies, and then he put in two flutes, a violin, a piano, an electric bass, and a couple of different percussion parts, one of which he suggests could be played by the violinist in her spare time. I’m not sure we have the personnel for this piece, but it would certainly be cool if we could get it together.

You can tell that he’s an orchestral musician. I think my commissions for him have probably contributed to the elasticity of his brain.

He doesn’t know where to put the vocal parts in the score, because as an orchestral musician he doesn’t see vocal parts. When you sing with an orchestra, as I usually do a couple of times a year, you learn that those guys don’t have the same music we singers do. This is the point of rehearsal letters, so that the director doesn’t have to give a different page and measure number for each instrument. He also doesn’t care much about the lyrics. He sticks in “Ahh” or “ooh” or even “uhh,” a syllable I’ve never previously seen suggested as something to sing, whenever he wants to put in some notes and can’t see a way to hook it up with the words. Sometimes he just stops adding any lyrics at all to the vocal parts — he’ll have three bars of notes with no suggestion of how he thinks the lyrics might fit in. We’d feel silly going “uhhh” all that time.

But, man, his stuff is beautiful. I’m looking forward to the Easter music.

Ash Wednesday is coming up. I have a Lenten study planned, with my friend CD as my study partner, but I haven’t settled on a Lenten sacrifice. One year, The Empress and That Man decided that their lives were hard enough without attempting any sacrifice. My life is not hard, but it is on the complex side. Possibly I should give up whining.