I’ve just read What’s Age Got to Do With It? by Robin McGraw.

I’d never heard of Robin McGraw before reading this book, though I gather that she’s a TV personality.

What kind of job is that? being a personality?

Anyway, this is a fun book. It’s a guide to health and beauty for older women, but it’s not a serious book that’s going to tell you to eat right, exercise, and learn about options for managing menopause. Oh, I mean, McGraw tells you that stuff, of course. It would be irresponsible not to include those things in a book on the subject. But she invites you in, gives you a glass of sweet tea, tells you your shoes are just adorable, asks you to sit down, tells you all about her grandma and how many calories are in a bagel — girl, you wouldn’t believe it! — and then tells you to eat right and exercise.

So it’s basically much more fun.

McGraw seems like a very nice, down-to-earth woman, and we should all have her positive attitude toward aging.