We had a new member with the choirlet last night.

We were singing through a variety of pieces to choose our Easter music. This involves sight reading at various levels of skill, and looking over people’s shoulders because there aren’t enough copies of the music, and trying out various harmonies in a fitful fashion, and other shenanigans. It’s fun.

We settled on half a dozen pieces for the Easter season. I’ve been nominated to sing “The Holy City” as a solo on Palm Sunday. I have a list for the Danish orchestral arrangers to fix up for us. We felt as though we had made some good progress.

Next was cake. It is possible that I have mentioned before that the choirlet’s program always includes these features: tea, singing, cake and conversation.

One of the ladies had brought Possum Pie, a confection of pecans and chocolate and whipped cream, and another had brought an angel food cake with strawberries. By the time we reached the table, plates filled with these delicacies had already been distributed, so we gave up all thought of choosing between the two and sat down and enjoyed them.

We caught up on everyone’s ice storm experiences and so on and began talking about music for Lent. Naturally, this led to discussions of sin, snakes, and the time MR’s whole family was so infested with seed ticks on a camping trip that they had to drive home wearing only T shirts she’d bought for them at a souvenir shop. Her description of the scene when they had to stop for gas was hilarious.

I’ve known these women for just about exactly a year now, and I sat thinking about how nice it was to have made such friendships, and how much we’ve been through together in that year.

We should make a cookbook, with cakes and funny stories for the year.