Sometimes I randomly read around the blogs while I have my second cup of tea, and then, later, cannot remember where I read the interesting thing I want to tell you about. This is one of those times. Sorry.

Anyway, at one of the sewing blogs, I read about a fellow who could imagine what any tune would sound like on any instrument or in any style. The blogger felt that this was kind of sad, because then there would be no surprises when, perhaps, he heard “Under the Boardwalk” performed by a Big Band and a barbershop quartet or something.

I was very surprised by this.

When I do my little Advent calendar of music and suggest that you listen to a midi file and then play it on your jazz violin, I have always assumed that you could, upon hearing the electronic plunking of the melody, readily imagine it with whatever style or instrument you prefer. Or several possibilities, of which you could then choose one. In fact, I always figure that you — if perchance you don’t know enough doo-wop girls to gather up a quartet on the spur of the moment — can just hear it in your mind in that way and enjoy it without having to make new friends in the doo-wop community. Just as I assume that you could imagine a sweater made in a different color from the one in the pattern picture.

Am I wrong, or is the blogger in question the unusual one?

Understand that I am not criticizing her for this mental handicap. I bet she doesn’t have to sew classic trouser pockets in three times because she can’t quite visualize how pieces of fabric go to become a three-dimensional garment. But I figure that I am the unusual one in the whole matter of dimensionality in sewing, and that she is the unusual one in the matter of mental arrangement of music.

If you are willing to be part of this unscientific sampling, please tell me your own experience. Can you imagine “The ABC Song” played on a tuba? In ragtime? Or any other concatenation, really. I just wanted to specify something you probably haven’t actually heard in real life.