I went roaming through the Yarn, Ho! blogring today, and found all kinds of new people. I can’t get all the way through it, because some of them don’t have a ring-link (or at least not one that I can find), and some of them don’t seem to have any yarn content, but it was interesting. It was like going outside one morning and finding that a new development has been built at the end of the road and you suddenly have all sorts of new neighbors. I have only been in the ring for about 6 months myself, but there used to be only about 5 of us, and I was subscribed to everyone. So I mostly just read my subscriptions, because that already makes it hard to get the house cleaned before work. But I will have to get around the ring more often, I can see.

And, new neighbors, if you are reading this, will you please put the webring link where I can find it? I would like to see everyone. I would also really like it if you would tell us about your yarn adventures. I suspect you of secretly knitting cool stuff I might like to try, but not telling, even though I show you everything, even my grunge mittens. Thank you.

Now, if there actually were a new development built at the end of my road, it would be great if I could communicate with my new neighbors that way. I guess this is the rough equivalent of putting up a sign that says, “Hello, new neighbors! If you happen to read this sign, please forgive me for my dreadful little dog who occasionally escapes and steals neighbor dogs’ toys, and will you kindly not drive too fast because there are kids who play in this road. Thank you.”

It may be Sockuary, but I am still knitting mittens. Here is a link to the Yarn Harlot, who makes lovely Latvian mittens: http://www.yarnharlot.ca/blog/

I would not put that much effort into mittens, because we lose them at such a rate, but I like to look at hers.