Here it is: wonderful chair in messy office.

This isn’t #2 son’s mess, though. He tidied up yesterday. This is just my own workspace. It could be worse.

There was a company (I’ve got an NDA, so I can’t tell you anything about them) that had a Big Urgent project and I scheduled them for Monday the 11th. I had a bunch of emails from them all weekend, and then on that morning got an email saying “wait.” So I did nothing, until yesterday afternoon at 5:30, when I got an email from them saying, “I bet you’re busy, aren’t you?”

So I emailed back and forth with them a bunch more and got to the computer before 6:00 to find a new assignment from them — one hour. I’ve spent more than an hour just emailing back and forth.

Ah, well. I like the guy and I hope his project goes well.

On the other hand, I’ve got two more contracts from the arts center and half a dozen things with the Computer Guy, and classes start next week.

I will therefore appreciate this very comfy chair.

#1 daughter arrived last night and we all had pizza and played Beatles Rock Band with the Wii. #2 daughter arrives tonight. My parents are coming over for lunch tomorrow. So here’s hoping for a productive day today followed by plenty of fun with the family this weekend.