Yesterday was filled with client contact. I have two new clients and three new assignments from ongoing clients. This was a good use of billable hours. However, it means that I will not complete all my billable hours today, because I only managed about three yesterday.

This means that I have work for next week, not that I should panic and work all night, I’m reminding myself.

It also means that I graded papers after last night’s rehearsal and didn’t get to bed till 11:00, which is past my bedtime. And then didn’t sleep well because of my aches and pains. Possibly because I spent hours discussing interesting technical questions and therefore didn’t feel that I could take time for stretching. Pretty pathetic, eh?

The lesson there is: do the gym stuff first, or at least right after class, because once the day begins it’s very hard to fit it in.

The people I was talking with yesterday were all over the place. One guy is right here in my town, though I’ve never met him. One is in Spain. One is in New York, another in Philadelphia. One in England. Another hasn’t mentioned where he lives, but his emails arrive festooned with what looks like Swedish or something. I still find this kind of cool.

There was a time when having an international clientele was a sign of success. Now it’s probably just a sign that I have a computer, but I still find it cool.

I read the first crop of papers from my face to face class. There are some that are hard to grade. One was a challenge because it’s obviously someone who has limited English. We’ve been told not to use a different grading standard for ESL students, but it’s hard for me not to make allowances. The other that really made me puzzle over it is written in blank verse, more or less.

I asked #1 son to read it for me. “Do you think you should tell him he’s supposed to write prose, or would that stifle his creativity?” he asked me.

That’s exactly the question. I’d like this guy to harness his language and put it into some paragraphs and things, but I don’t want him to start writing “There are three reasons… In conclusion, I have shown that there are three reasons…”
We had snow yesterday. Since I have to drive today, I am hoping the roads are nice and dry by now. I went out last night, but I wasn’t driving, so I didn’t look.