Friday January 2, 2009

I took the day off pretty completely yesterday. I did some applications at oDesk, since one of my plans for 2009 is to work there more steadily. Applying there can be depressing, since it means I’ll get a barrage of emails saying “Your candidacy for job #XXX has ended. Reason: rate too high.”

Not that my rate is too high, and of course it’s nice to have a response, since most applications outside of oDesk are simply ignored, but it’s still kind of depressing. I know that every opening at oDesk will have dozens of applicants, and many are willing to work for much less than US minimum wage.

I went for a walk. The place where I live is not at its best in January.

I watched the Monk marathon, with some assistance (?) from the boys.

I did some knitting.

This is the Doc’s Bag from Knit 2 Together. I’m doing it in  Knitpicks Sierra, I believe. The pattern is badly written, but I feel that any minute now I’m going to be able to do it without reference to the pattern. The herringbone stitch makes a nice texture, and the combination of bulky yarn and small needles makes a good sturdy fabric.

I’ve had one assignment this week which could have been paid, but I swapped it for tech assistance. I have two big projects going on which are unbilled but worth doing as investments — creating my online course and rewriting that book proposal. I have one paid job waiting to be done (spring deadline) and several waiting for start dates to arrive. I’m also going to email all my worship team members today with a rallying call, and see how that works.

So I’m through with days off. I’m not through with Christmas yet, of course, since we still have clear up to Twelfth Night. But before we consider more fine Epiphany hymns, let’s rejoice in the surprising fact that there are whole bunches of New Year’s hymns.

I was surprised by this. I don’t think I’ve ever actually sung a New Year’s hymn in church. The beginning of the church year is advent, and New Year’s isn’t even on the liturgical calendar. Plus, the new Year’s hymns aren’t very good overall. The words for all of them basically say, “Thank God for looking after us last year, and this year, let’s pray we do better than we did last year.” But “New Year’s Hymn” has a sweet little tune and a request to “bless every scholar here” which ought to inspire my online course development.  I was told that it would take thirty hours to make it, and I’m making it a lot fancier than the training assumed we would, so I have no business getting tired of it, but I sort of am tired of it. no doubt once I get back to it, I’ll be swept up in enjoyment of the task.

Gym first.






2 responses to “Friday January 2, 2009”

  1. chanthaboune Avatar

    That’s a nifty looking piece of bag you’ve got there!

  2. JewelE19 Avatar

    I love Monk, the Monk marathon sounds wonderful. Sorry to hear your days off are over but, like you said, at least Christmas isn’t over yet!