Friday January 21, 2005

Yarn, Ho! Mayflower sent me a skein of Wisteria which is destined to become part of an Alice Starmore Fair Isle cardi.  And with it is a pair of lovely handmade earrings. That just absolutely made my day!

Add the truly thrilling news that #1 daughter and Son-in-Law are coming to visit (and maybe #2 daughter as well), and joy can reign unconfined. #1 daughter and her husband have moved east instead of the hoped-for westerly direction, and are still in the frozen north. They will be there for several years, though, so she can go back to school. I hope she will, since her husband will be on a submarine for months at a time. She will need something to keep her amused, and she doesn’t knit.

LikeWowMom said to photograph the dull sock already! so here it is:

This color does not show up well, so I will describe it for you. It is a heathery blue, with a lot of purple and teal, but stopping short of variegation. I’ve done just an inch of ribbing and the top is otherwise plain stockinette. The heel is in the sock heel stitch — sl 1, p1 on the right side and p on the wrong — and now that the heel is finished I am back on the sleeve needle.

Well, I tried to make it interesting. I am very busy right now, just short in fact of overwhelmed, so I do not expect to make any more socks than this one pair in Sockuary, but the next pair I do make, I will try to make more interesting. Stopping short of the beaded socks that are going around the web, because I am way too Nanna for that. I learned that expression from Knitting by the Bay (, and am probably using it wrong.

Speaking of making things more interesting, a wonderful book for this purpose is The Tap Dancing Lizard. It has lots and lots of charts for big and little intarsia patterns you can throw in when you want to jazz something up. I am not sure that it is still in print, but it’s worth a trip to the library. I picked it up when I was doing the cuff of the sock, thinking I might add a little pattern, but resisted the temptation. Before I decided to do so, though, I was able to consider Chinese characters, small repeats from several African traditions, a nice little Welsh dragon, and the word “frolic.” It may be that there were too many choices…






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  1. sighkey Avatar

    Never thought I’d actually enjoy reading descriptions of knitting. I think however, that I prefer reading about it to doing it.

  2. sighkey Avatar

    Sorry, extra comment. Nothing to do with the current posting. Was backtracking though some of your old entries, one of which contained a list of 10 things about yourself – this is related to that posting.

    Secretly like statistical analysis ? – yikes! Is it catching or something ? :-))

    I resent the term ‘old ladies ballet’. It conjures up less than flattering pictures. I have been doing ‘adult’ ballet for the last 3 years, and jazz ballet since 1990. Our ballet class consists of 2 women, and one man and we enjoy ourselves and get a good workout into the bargain – particularly when our teachers are young enough to be our kids. Instead of regretting not doing it why not try it again?

    When I first discovered that email allowed me to correspond near instantaneously with others in different countries I came across a ballet notice board within which were some really interesting postings. The convener  of that newsgroup was a 70+ year old man – Tom I think – who had been taking ballet classes for many years of his adult life – and was still taking them. I remember thinking at the time that that was one advantage that America seemed to have over NZ, that the ageism that is associated with adults doing ballet and jazz (which is admittedly very prevalent over here), might be less in the US. Was I wrong?